Clients include:

Merck, Wyeth-Ayerst, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Schering AG, Alcon International, Eli Lilly, Sanofi-Aventis, Vasca, Inc., Whole Systems International, Offramp Productions, Vision Media, Inc.


Sample pages (left and right) from products and services brochure for pharmaceutical/medical/ healthcare training


CD Cover for a medical training program -that included the writing and design of print manuals, interactive CBT programs, and an interactive quiz/game

Screen capture from 3D animation demonstrating the injection into a blood vessel of Levovist microbubbles (to enhance cardiac ultrasound imagery)


Printed reference guide summarizing important studies that have looked at the use of antithrombotics and thrombolytics in the treatment of ischemic heart disease. Back and cover shown (left)

Cover for printed Selling Skills Program Representative's Overview -directing pharmaceutical sales reps on how to interact with a physican to get them to act on the purchase of Rhone Poulenc Rorer pharmaceuticals (right)

Printed direct mail postcard (front and back) for a medical spa opening soon in the Boston area. Part of an overall Brand identity campaign including visual design and development -as well as copy writing. Campaign will include printed direct mail, web site design and execution, collateral materials, and marketing      

Illustration of activated killer t-cell (left)

2D and 3D medical illustration samples (right)

Images used as part of online, computer-based, and printed healthcare/pharmaceutical training materials


Illustration (with call-outs) of areas of the body affected by bacteria (left)

Illustration of the human body's lymphatic system (right)

Images used as part of online, computer-based, and printed healthcare/pharmaceutical training materials


Packaging and binder design for training materials related to the female reproductive system (left)

Simple illustrations for a printed patient guide on Vasca's Lifesite device -how to properly care for the area after insertion of Lifesite (right)


Caricature illustrations for physician training seminars addressing patient moods. In this case- Anger, Fear, and Shame (left)

Illustration for magazine article on how bathing your cat may help reduce your allergies. Illustration done in homage to Picasso, whose frenetic style seemed very well suited to the article's subject matter (right)

3D illustrations from edutainment CD game (left and right)      

Pen and ink book cover illustration (left)

Watercolor of Michaelangelo's David -part of an advertising campaign showing famous faces from art. (right)